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We are hoteliers who present tradition with elegance, offering an experience of pure island luxury. We have three City Properties in Colombo, eight Resorts around Sri Lanka, and four Resorts in the Maldives. We also have new projects celebrating the essence of modern South Asia, including the upcoming US$1 billion Cinnamon Life Integrated Resort. Our Hotels and Resorts are designed to uniquely complement their natural and cultural heritage, hand-delivering the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality through comfort, creativity, discovery, and inspired living.

Our Sri Lankan Resorts embody the personality and essence of their respective locations, whether nestled in the mountains, perched by the sea, or bordering the wilderness and jungles. We redefine in-destination travel by capturing the intimate nuances of local art, history, architecture, and tradition and celebrating them through a wide range of island excursions, culinary explorations, and accommodation preferences. If you want to experience the best of Sri Lanka, we are located in and around the best parts.

Located in the heart of metropolitan Colombo, our City Properties offer a unique and indulgent experience that blends the finest of Sri Lankan hospitality with modern elegance. From award-winning accommodation to intelligent architecture and themed nightlife, we unapologetically blur the lines between business and leisure, so the city experience becomes exactly what you want it to be.

From the tangible and intangible details inspired by cerulean waters, dramatic sunsets, and warm smiles, our Resorts in the Maldives are designed to feature an island-inspired luxury lifestyle, made just for you. You can see and feel it in every overwater villa, underwater dive, and waterfront space. Between the exciting local adventures and world-class facilities, our Resorts aim to seamlessly create your signature paradise within an already existing one.

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